Wednesday, 18 June 2008


I am loving scrapbooking, my stash is growing steadily and I now have a new tool (toy) BIG BITE I'm sure I will be eyeletting like mad soon lol

Friday, 30 May 2008


Please remember to click on the picture to enlarge and have a better look


WEDDING STATIONARY I love weddings, And I have some ideas on how to help you celebrate yours, all cards can be changed to suit your wedding colour, style etc here are just a few eg. to get your creative juces flowing

Friday, 2 May 2008


Why is it when you make a post it looks ok and when you go to your page it looks completely different I give up trying to make it look straight and organised, as just when you think it is you go live to page and it's nothing like what it looked like previously, oh well hope it is readable and do remember if you click on any picture it is enlarge so you can see the card/ scrap page etc in detail.

So long since I was last here. However, I have been busy making yet more cards and I'm learning new techniques all the time. Recently I have been doing quite a lot of male cards, there are some above in foil duplex this is really nice to work with. I have been creating mulberry cards and this was fun and the effect I think is very classy, and looks expensive ideal for wedding stationary as well as lots of other projects. Of course I used the cuttlebug for the emboss foil card as an embellishment.
Well It's now May and will soon be fathers day so thought would make some male cards, I am looking for an appropriate craft show to sell these cards and of course many which are not displayed as it's nice to have some surprises I will post when and where when I decide where to book, I have to make sure it has facilities for a mobility scooter lol as I am now disabled which gives me the time to do this wonderful hobby.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Thought of the day

I love daisys such a friendly flower


Good morning, well I have finally sorted the comments thing so you can now comment on my post (please be kind). Any helpful suggestions on how to improve this site would gratefully appreciated. I would like some music, perhaps a choice or music while people are looking would be nice. A clock, but I would really like to ad web sites that I think are rather good too, unfortunately do not know how to do this as yet..... did warn you I was a bit rubbish when it come to computers lol.
Any way I hope it isn't that bad that it stops you looking.